PFAS Regulations Tracker

PFAS Regulations Tracker
Separate. concentrate. destroy.
PFAS, which comprise roughly 12,000 individual compounds, pose one of the greatest challenges to the environment and public health in decades. The future is about options: from source-point pretreat­ment to the reduction of downstream waste generation and efficient PFAS destruction. But first, you need to know where to begin. Use the map below to see your state’s current guidance. 

Data presented below (ITRC 2022) are for infor­ma­tional purposes only. Scroll below the map for references and footnotes.

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Consult the references below for additional context:

  1. USEPA Guidance
  2. References by State
  3. List of PFAS Chemical Char­ac­ter­is­tics
  4. List of Regulatory Agencies
  5. Footnote Definitions
  6. Standard or Guidance Abbre­vi­a­tions

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