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Better Water Planning for a Prosperous Future

MAY 2018
Communities and utilities have to plan for the future to ensure safe, reliable water resource systems that support economic and social vitality and protection of environment. But one thing we know with certainty is that the future is uncertain.

Increasing challenges and complex­i­ties can be expected to impact water supply, wastewater and stormwater management. And, variables like population growth, climate, regulatory frameworks and tech­nolo­gies are constantly changing.

Learn the keys to better long-range planning from two of CDM Smith’s top water resources experts:

  • Why does traditional water planning fail when “disruption points” occur in the future?
  • How can we account for the full range of uncer­tain­ties in water planning, and overcome them success­fully?
  • Why is scenario planning a better technique for water planning, and how does it work?
  • What tools are available for faster, more compre­hen­sive forecast simulations to address future unknowns?
Our panelists will also provide a case study of a best-in-class long-range plan developed using scenario planning, and explain how adaptive management is a better approach to carrying long-range plans forward effectively.


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Dan Rodrigo

Dan Rodrigo
One Water Practice Leader

Andria Loutsch

Andria Loutsch
Senior Water Research Planner


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