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Thinking About Tolling: Keys to Success

JUNE 2019
Tolling is a powerful tool for generating revenue for infra­struc­ture construc­tion and maintenance.

While toll roads have been around in several east coast states since the early 1950s, many states have avoided tolling, due to federal restric­tions on interstate highway tolling. But today, the combination of improved technology and decreasing federal funds for states has led DOTs and other agencies to more actively consider tolling their roads and bridges. Our panelists have experienced this evolution from both the DOT and consulting sides, bringing insight into how to make tolling work success­fully.

This webinar is focused on helping agencies who have an interest in tolling but would like to know more about:

  • Why tolling is a worthy tool in the infra­struc­ture funding toolbox
  • What federal law says about tolling restric­tions and exceptions
  • How to evaluate tolling, from policy discussions to orga­ni­za­tional changes to undertaking a feasibility study
  • How some state DOTs have success­fully started tolling for the first time
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Terri Slack

Terri Slack
Toll Program National Practice Leader

Justine Sydello

Justine Sydello
Transportation Policy National Practice Leader



Andrew Beaton

Andrew Beaton
Principal, Marketing & Communications


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