The Power of Peracetic Acid

The Power of Peracetic Acid

on-demand webinar recorded february 2019
Are you interested in disin­fec­tion alter­na­tives in response to increas­ingly stringent regulations on chlorinated disin­fec­tion byproducts and total residual chlorine? Join our webinar to learn about peracetic acid (PAA) and how it may be a more effective option.

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PAA is a powerful water reclamation disin­fec­tant gaining interest across the United States. As an alternative to chlorine, it has faster reaction kinetics, may not require neutral­iza­tion, and may achieve the same performance at a lower dose, making it a great fit for certain appli­ca­tions. Join Sarah Stewart and Brian Hilts, two water experts who have over a decade of combined experience working with PAA, to find out why PAA disin­fec­tion will likely soon form part of a widely-accepted “disin­fec­tion trifecta” with chlorine and UV.

The discussion includes:

  • The benefits, challenges and drawbacks involved in PAA disin­fec­tion
  • The drivers that are making PAA disin­fec­tion a good fit for many water reclamation facilities
  • The current state of PAA imple­men­ta­tion and the regulatory climate across the U.S.
  • What a facility should do now if it is considering imple­ment­ing PAA in the future

Sarah and Brian share examples from their project work to illustrate the power of PAA, and reveal what’s coming next as the water industry continues to embrace this highly effective disin­fec­tant.

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