Reduce Risk and Build Resilience: The Upside of AWIA Compliance

Reduce Risk and Build Resilience: The Upside of AWIA Compliance
On-demand webinar Recorded March 2020
The America’s Water Infra­struc­ture Act of 2018 (AWIA) requires all drinking water systems to certify that they have completed a Risk & Resilience Assessment (RRA) and an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) by a series of deadlines, based on the size of the community served. Mid-sized systems (serving 50,000-99,999 people) should now be looking ahead to the 12/31/20 deadline to complete their RRAs.

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AWIA compliance aces Lauren Miller and David Tanzi share tools and methods to help water systems not merely comply with AWIA, but gain real value in the process by realizing unap­pre­ci­ated risks and identifying ways to build resilience without a huge capital spend. The discussion includes:

  • Dates, deadlines and details for AWIA compliance (and, what EPA could fine you if you don’t certify!)
  • Tools for assessing what the biggest risks to your facilities, staff and operations actually are
  • Why we recommend a workshop approach to get the greatest value from your compliance effort
  • Best practices and lessons learned from our panelists’ experience developing these assessments
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