Getting the Lead Out of Newark

Getting the Lead Out of Newark

on-demand webinar recorded November 2020
The Newark, New Jersey Lead Service Line Replacement program is a huge citywide effort to get the lead out. They’re removing lead pipes for every resident in the city, over 18,000 lead service lines, and they're doing it all in under two years.

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On this episode, you'll meet the experts who are figuring out how to get the lead out, how to do it efficiently, how to track it, how to make sure the community buys in, and how to make this program successful–all with an unprece­dented timeline

You'll learn:

  • How the City of Newark rose to meet the challenge of a high profile lead crisis
  • How they’re tracking all the data and commu­ni­cat­ing that information
  • How they’re working with the Newark community to make this project successful
  • What other cities could learn from this landmark project

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