How Smart Buildings Can Combat Health Concerns

How Smart Buildings Can Combat Health Concerns and Using Technology to Support Facility Operations & Maintenance

on-demand webinar recorded March 2021

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How Smart Buildings Can Combat Health Concerns

Historically, buildings have used individual equipment controls and building automation systems to support HVAC, lighting and safety related systems. Improvements in technology, however, now allow for the integration of data driven controls and devices. These integrated “smart” buildings can now help combat health concerns with respect to ventilation, filtration, and occupant screening and movement. To learn more about smart buildings before the presentation, check out Tim’s article in CSE Magazine.

Presented by Timothy L. King, RA, LEED® (Pittsburgh, PA)

Using Technology to Support Facility Operation & Maintenance

The second presentation will highlight how we can use augmented reality and wearable devices to provide a remote solution and safer way to operate and maintain facilities and equipment. These tools can assist with operation and maintenance situations like combating staff shortages, providing remote assistance, promoting two-way collaboration, and delivering hands-free functionality. Check out our recently published article on our website featuring some benefits of extended reality (XR) before the webinar.

Presented by Matthew T. Goss PE, PMP, CEM, CEA, CDSM, LEED® AP(BD+C) (Albany, NY)

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