Ecosystem Restoration & Park Improvements

Ecosystem Restoration & Park Improvements and Use of Drones & AI for Remediation & Restoration Projects

On-demand webinar Recorded May 2021

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Ecosystem Restoration and Park Improve­ments Design & Construc­tion

Ecosystem restoration and park improve­ments are increas­ingly becoming tools to improve degraded systems, manage stormwater and pollutants, provide wildlife habitat, and meet regulatory commitments. This presen­ta­tion will cover the primary drivers, types and techniques, and benefits of ecosystem restoration and park improve­ments projects through three real-world recent restoration projects from across the country.

Presented by Matthew Petty, PWS, PMP 

Use of Drones & Artificial Intel­li­gence for Remediation & Restoration Projects

The use of drones and Artificial Intel­li­gence in envi­ron­men­tal engineering work is a new technology that is quickly becoming a ubiquitous tool. Under­stand­ing the advantages and drawbacks of this technology are crucial to providing the best service and solutions. This presen­ta­tion will cover the benefits and limitations of different UAV tech­nolo­gies, data collection and analysis, as well as,  some case studies.

Presented by Brendan Brown, PWS (Orlando)

Brendan Brown Brendan Brown
Brendan Brown, PWS 
Brendan Brown is an environmental scientist committed to the preservation of our natural resources.
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