The Digital Solution Revolution

The Digital Solution Revolution

On-Demand webinar recorded January 2021
New digital tools have the potential to spark revolutionary changes in the way that water utilities manage their systems, prioritize their spending, and communicate with the public.

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On this episode of FYI On-Demand, two engineers, an operator, a modeler, a software designer and a digital strategist discuss the following:

  • How far along are we in the shift towards a truly data-driven water sector?
  • What positive outcomes will come from that trans­for­ma­tion?
  • What do these digital tools look like in practice, and how will they change the way we do business?
  • What's coming next in this rapidly evolving environment?
Amy Corriveau Amy Corriveau
Amymarie R. Corriveau
As Director of Digital Solutions, Amy is responsible for leading CDM Smith’s digital transformation and elevating the firm as an infrastructure-based digital provider.

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