Applying Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Decisions

Applying Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Decisions
On-demand Webinar Recorded May 2019
"I have all kinds of data, but no idea how to extract any insights from it." Does this sound familiar?

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Many communities, utilities and agencies have been storing data for years. But data alone can't provide solutions to your biggest challenges. That's why forward-thinking infra­struc­ture leaders are turning to business intel­li­gence to find answers and make better decision.

The discussion includes:

  • The basics of business intel­li­gence and key benefits of unlocking its power
  • A step-by-step look into the imple­men­ta­tion process
  • A deep-dive into intelligent dashboards and other data visu­al­iza­tion tools on the market
  • Trends and future predictions straight from the minds of our industry experts
Presen­ta­tion Slides
A PDF of the presen­ta­tion slides are available to download