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Transportation Planning for the Autonomous Age

April 2018
Are you ready for the big changes set to disrupt how people and goods move?

It’s impossible to ignore the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicle tech­nolo­gies, and shifting social preferences toward mobility-as-a-service: ride, bike and car sharing, e-hailing and more. These trends pose new challenges to trans­porta­tion planners as they consider the long-term future of their mobility networks.

Two of CDM Smith’s brightest trans­porta­tion planning minds will share their insights and advice, covering topics including:

  • What are the biggest changes impacting trans­porta­tion systems over the coming years?
  • How will these changes affect different aspects of the trans­porta­tion ecosystem (e.g., mobility, vehicle miles traveled, land use, freight delivery)?
  • Given the uncer­tain­ties surrounding emerging tech­nolo­gies, why is scenario planning a good way to augment traditional long-range planning?
  • What short- and long-term actions should agencies take to prepare their systems for future success?

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Krista Goodin

Krista Goodin, AICP
Senior Trans­porta­tion Planner, Project Manager

Marwan Madi

Marwan Madi
Principal, Trans­porta­tion Technology Leader



Andrew Beaton

Andrew Beaton
Commu­ni­ca­tions Specialist