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Transform Your Capital Projects through Immersive Mixed Reality

Imagine being able to literally walk through your facility before it’s ever built, to understand how your design is evolving and identify changes now before they become issues later. Thanks to immersive mixed reality, this is now possible. Gone are the days of scaling a plan sheet, deciphering where utilities lead from or misin­ter­pret­ing a grading slope. With tech­nolo­gies like Microsoft’s wearable HoloLens computer, the entire project team can be placed inside a facility model at scale!

In this webinar, CDM Smith’s experts, Russ Tamblyn and Scott Aldridge, discuss how the HoloLens creates new ways for you to visualize the design, share information, identify issues and make changes throughout the project. They also discuss other processes and tech­nolo­gies—from clash detection to 4D modeling to 3D laser scanning and more—that will help you more effectively design, build and operate your infra­struc­ture. Looking for a quick summary? View a recap of the webinar here