Meet PipeCAST

Meet PipeCAST
PipeCAST™ is a unique cloud-based software platform created to help utilities gain insight into the performance of their collection systems so they can proactively prepare and respond to the next extreme weather event. Combining CDM Smith's decades of water infrastructure expertise with the latest in digital water technology, PipeCAST integrates all your system’s data sources to provide actionable engineering insights right at your fingertips.
Amy Corriveau Amy Corriveau
Today, more than ever, utilities need real-time system performance info that's accessible anytime and anywhere. PipeCAST offers everything you need to remotely monitor and manage your collection system. 

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PipeCAST: An Animated Explainer Video
With PipeCAST, we've been able to adapt to the changing times, using the tool's remote monitoring features and predictive capa­bil­i­ties to provide trusted services for our communities when they need it most.
jason waterbury, metro­pol­i­tan district commission 

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