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Inspired to think, driven to solve.

At CDM Smith, we are energized by “impossible” technical challenges. We think new when a game-changing solution is required. And, we think different with ingenious appli­ca­tions of existing tech­nolo­gies. Learn more about the research we're exploring, the solutions we're proving out and the innovative approaches we're antic­i­pat­ing.
Charles Schaefer Charles Schaefer
Technical excellence doesn’t come easily or naturally. It requires intent, effort and persistence.

Finding the future of water

I love research and development because it brings an element of creativity to engineering. When I got to CDM Smith, I started working on potable reuse, and it’s really the way that the field is advancing.
Jill Vandegrift, Environmental Engineer
At CDM Smith, we combine technical knowledge with software development knowledge, and leverage extremely fast computational resources to create powerful new tools for our clients.
Zubair ghafoor, director of AI solutions

New tools for tolling

Covid-19 Wastewater insight Covid-19 Wastewater insight
Using Wastewater to Track COVID-19
As communities are reopening, our researchers and their partners at labs and utilities are looking to the sewer to help track and predict COVID-19 concentrations across the United States.
infrastructure funding infrastructure funding
A Winning Strategy for Securing Stimulus Funds
Infrastructure funding would be a key component of a future stimulus package. There are proven tactics that public infrastructure leaders can implement to put key projects in the best position to receive future funds.
Immersive data experience Immersive data experience
Immersive Engagement Tools Connect Communities
It’s now possible to set up a virtual 3D space where attendees can join any time, from any device. Attendees can review plans, watch videos, take tours, vote in polls, and chat with project team members.
AWAI Compliance AWAI Compliance
Everything You Need To Know About AWIA Compliance
All water systems serving more than 3,300 people have to comply with America's Water Infra­struc­ture Act. Meet the require­ments through an approach that will help you identify priorities for more resilient operations.
Federal regulations are changing. Water systems with lead service lines, or service lines with unknown materials, should be developing or implementing replacement plans today, regardless of size or current lead levels. 
Sandy Kutzing
Lead Service Line & Corrosion Control Expert
You can't predict the future, but you can start preparing for it today. Scenario planning puts challenges and uncertainties into context. And, you're using data to help you inform your decisions.
Marwan Madi
Emerging Technologies Practice Leader
More states are recognizing tolling as a smart policy option. In terms of raising new revenue, tolling or mileage-based user fees could help DOTs take better advantage of the assets they have.
Justine Sydello
Transportation Policy Leader