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Geoff Baldwin Named President of the New York Water Environment Association

February 12, 2018

NEW YORK, NY – CDM Smith is pleased to announce that Geoffrey Baldwin, PE, BCEE, a CDM Smith vice president and client service manager for water and wastewater utilities, has been elected president of the New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA), a member association of the inter­na­tional Water Environment Federation

With 27 years of experience working with municipal and industrial water and wastewater agencies, Baldwin has provided engineering services for infra­struc­ture design and construc­tion, and consulted with utility managers on a range of planning and envi­ron­men­tal topics. His work has taken him around the world—from design engineering at Mass­a­chu­setts’s Deer Island wastewater treatment plant to presen­ta­tions in Singapore and project management in Puerto Rico, as well as his more recent work with the New York City in green infra­struc­ture and stormwater management. 

Baldwin first became involved with NYWEA through its program committee, later serving as committee chair and active member of the orga­ni­za­tion’s Board of Directors. The core mission of the Association, said Baldwin, is education. “Our goal is to create advocacy and public awareness of the issues facing our water resource recovery industry,” he said. Over the years this mission has evolved to better serve the orga­ni­za­tion’s operations staff members by encouraging them to participate in chapter activities. Under Baldwin’s leadership NYWEA will extend this mission by going beyond envi­ron­men­tal and infra­struc­ture advocacy to creating a public under­stand­ing and appre­ci­a­tion for the work of our industry’s profes­sion­als who are working tirelessly to protect public health and improve the well-being of everyone in New York State. “We’re excited to share the work our members are doing to advance the field and connect with key advocacy groups to spread that message,” Baldwin said. 

In addition to NYWEA’s message of education, the orga­ni­za­tion strives to promote the importance of water infra­struc­ture to our economy. Through active engagement with the public, NYWEA is working to show the value of New York’s precious water resources and secure appropriate funding for the sustainable development and upkeep of clean water infra­struc­ture investments. The Association hopes that this dedication to the future of the wastewater economy will bring to light the importance of improving water quality for the future of public health and the environment. 

“Our water resource recovery industry is unique in that the people involved are all extremely embedded in their work. The people in state orga­ni­za­tions like NYWEA are a tight-knit family, which is not something you see in other trade orga­ni­za­tions or industries,” said Baldwin. “I’m honored to lead NYWEA and continue the work that’s being done to advance the water resources industry.”

The New York Water Environment Association, Inc. (NYWEA) was founded in 1929 as a non-profit, educational orga­ni­za­tion dedicated to protecting and enhancing our precious water resources. NYWEA serves the best interest of the public by promoting sustainable, clean water quality management through science, education and training. Today the Association has over 2,500 members repre­sent­ing diverse backgrounds and specialties, dedicated to expanding their knowledge and capa­bil­i­ties and cultivating a forum that enables them to play a vital role in shaping an envi­ron­men­tally sound future. 

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