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PFAS Expert Dr. Dora Chiang Joins CDM Smith

June 18, 2018

Dr. Dora ChiangCDM Smith is proud to welcome Dr. Dora Chiang, a thought-leader in the world of emerging cont­a­m­i­nants, to its Envi­ron­men­tal & Technology Group. With a remarkable track record inves­ti­gat­ing and success­fully treating some of the world’s most intractable envi­ron­men­tal problems, Chiang will serve as an Emerging Cont­a­m­i­nants Technical Strategy Leader.

Chiang is a groundwater remediation expert who has led efforts across the globe to treat cont­a­m­i­nated sites. Her innovative research places her at the forefront of a growing movement to address a group of emerging groundwater cont­a­m­i­nants called per- and poly­flu­o­roalkyl substances (PFAS). Chiang has served as principal inves­ti­ga­tor on multiple PFAS technology development projects funded by the US Department of Defense’s envi­ron­men­tal science and technology program (SERDP), and is a member of the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) PFAS team. "We are excited to have Dora join us," says Senior Vice President Andrea Sewall. "She will be a knowl­edge­able resource and valuable leader for our work treating emerging cont­a­m­i­nants."

In addition to PFAS, Chiang has researched and developed in-situ remediation tech­nolo­gies for treatment of 1,4-dioxane, chlorinated solvents and DNAPL. She has also contributed to several publi­ca­tions in industry journals, and recently co-authored several articles in the latest issue of Remediation Journal, a PFAS special issue, published on March 12.

Chiang’s award-winning work extends to a wide range of clients, including state and federal agencies, various branches of the U.S. military, and commercial industries. She has led remedial inves­ti­ga­tions globally, from Charleston to Shanghai. 

"CDM Smith’s robust R&D program and commitments to client-focused technology development align with the emerging market needs and my interests," says Chiang. 

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