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CDM Smith at WEFTEC 2017

We are thrilled to showcase so many of our experts at the 2017 WEFTEC conference. Learn more about the presen­ta­tions below.

Saturday, September 30th

8:40am -  Nitrogen Removal I: Nitri­fi­ca­tion - AOB/NOB Dynamics with Timur Deniz (workshop speaker). Room S503a. Hot Topic: Nitrogen Removal

9:20am -  Funda­men­tals of Wastewater Disin­fec­tion: Disinfect to Protect with Brian Hilts (workshop speaker). Gate 3, South Building. Hot Topic: Peracetic Acid

10:40am -  Funda­men­tals of Wastewater Disin­fec­tion: Disinfect to Protect with Josh Goldman (workshop speaker). Gate 3, South Building.  Hot Topic: UV

3:30pm -  Water Reuse 101: Primer on Development of Nonpotable and Potable Systems with Diane Kemp (workshop speaker). Room S505a. Hot Topic: Potable Reuse

Monday, October 2nd

2:00pm -  Forecasting Floods and Droughts: Assessing Noisy Climate Data in Support of Water Resources Planning with Mitch Heineman, Shayne Wood, Dan Rodrigo, Jenny Bywater from CDM Smith; Timothy Cox. Room S504a. Hot Topic: Water Resources Planning

2:30pm -  Beyond Atlas 14: Non-stationary extreme rainfall estimation for the 21st century with Mitch Heineman from CDM Smith. Room S504a. Hot Topic: Water Resources Planning

3:30pm -  From Biogas to Boiler Fuel: Cleaning Up Digester Gas Biologically at a Large Scale with Melissa Woo, Samir Mathur and Eric Spargimimo from CDM Smith; Tom Jacobs from Trinity River Authority. Room S505a. Hot Topic: Thermal Hydrolysis

4:00pm -  Overview of Philadelphia Water’s Five-Year Green Stormwater Infrastructure Pilot Program with Dwayne Myers, Andrew Baldridge and Matthew Vanaskie from CDM Smith; Elizabeth Mannarino, Stephen White and Sebastian Malter from Philadelphia Water Department; Varsha Raj from Sci-Tek Consultants. Room S503b. Hot Topic: Green Infrastructure

4:30pm -  So You Have Some Green Infrastructure Monitoring Data, Now What? with Dwayne Myers from CDM Smith; Elizabeth Mannarino from Philadelphia Water Department; Varsha Raj from Sci-Tek Consultants. Room S503a. Hot Topic: Green Infrastructure

Tuesday, October 3rd

8:30am -  Pilot Testing to Compare Ozone-Biofiltration to Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) for Cost-Effective Indirect Potable Reuse with Bill Dowbiggin and Pat Evans from CDM Smith; Robert Angelotti and Matthew Brooks from Upper Occoquan Service Authority. Room S404a. Hot Topic: Potable Reuse

8:30am -  2 Rats, A Dog, and Granite: Predicting and Preventing SSOs in a Wastewater Collection System with William Adams from CDM Smith; Robert Judy, Brian Covington and Jennifer Williams from City of Columbia, SC. Room N426a.Hot Topic: Reducing SSOs

9:00am -  Co-Digestion with Food Waste Organics - The Next Step Towards Net-Zero Operation at GLSD with Ben Mosher and Michael Walsh from CDM Smith; Cheri Cousens and Richard Weare from Greater Lawrence Sanitary District. Room S402b. Hot Topic: Bioenergy

10:00am -  Panel Discussion on Water Scarcity and Implications in the MENA Area with Khalil Atasi from CDM Smith. Hot Topics: Water Scarcity

10:30am -  A Balancing Act: Achieving Both Low Level Phosphorus and Metals Limits at Upper Blackstone with Maureen Neville and Alexandra Bowen from CDM Smith; Karla Sangrey from UBWPAD; and Erik Grotton from Blueleaf Inc. Room S501d.  Hot Topics: Nutrient Removal and Energy Efficiency

11:30am -  ALCOSAN’s Green Revitalization of Our Waterways Program: An Innovative Regional Funding Initiative to Reduce Sewage Overflows at the Source with Joshua Jedlicka, Edward Kluitenberg and Khalid Khan from CDM Smith; Timothy Prevost, Julia Spicher and Karen McCarthy from ALCOSAN. Room S403a.  Hot Topic: Innovative Funding

11:30am -  Peracetic Acid Disinfection for Industrial Wastewater Treatment--Washburn Tunnel Case Study with Sarah Stewart from CDM Smith; Leonard Levine, Carl Hennigar and Joanne Mcdougall from Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority. Room S405b. Hot Topic: Peracetic Acid

11:30am -  The roles of ozone oxidation, adsorption and biodegradation in the removal of disinfection by-product precursors and emerging contaminants in pilot-scale ozone BAC contactors applied for potable reuse with Bill Dowbiggin, Pat Evans, Bradford Devins from CDM Smith; Robert Angelotti, Yewei Sun, Zhi-Wu Wang, Matthew Brooks from Upper Occoquan Service Authority. Room S502a.Hot Topic: Potable Reuse

1:30pm -  30 Years of Stormwater Permit Compliance under the Water Quality Act of 1987: Lessons Learned and Considerations for the Future with John Aldrich  Hot Topic: Stormwater Modeling

1:30pm -  Bathroom Talk with a Purpose: 5th Graders Teaching 5th Graders about Water Resource Recovery with Anna Mehrotra and Anthony Giovannone from CDM Smith. Interactive Knowledge Exchange video screening. Hot Topic: Public Outreach

1:30pm -  Development of boundary condition timeseries for combined sewer collection system models for a “typical year” to enhance model capabilities with Eileen Althouse and Gary Martens from CDM Smith; Hao Zhang from Philadelphia Water  Hot Topic: Collection System Modeling 

2:30pm -  Design and Operation of Advanced Aeration Control Systems with Alexandra Doody and Maureen Neville from CDM Smith. Room S504d.  Hot Topic: Nutrient Removal

3:30pm -  From Pilot to Full-Scale: The Challenge of Adopting Innovative Technology from a Utility's Perspective  with Richard Tsang and Jonathan Lapsley from CDM Smith; Tom Hartye and Hunter Carson from Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County. Room S404d.  Hot Topic: Bioenergy

4:00pm - Pure Water Brewing Alliance Annual Quality Testing featuring Tim Rynders from CDM Smith. Innovation Pavilion, Exhibit Hall.

Wednesday, October 4th

8:30am -  Disinfection Evaluation for Primary and Secondary Effluent at the Great Lakes Water Authority Water Resource Recovery Facility 1,700 MGD Dual Outfall System with Sarah Stewart, Charan Tej Tanneru, Carrie Knatz and Mark TenBroek from CDM Smith; Tarlochan Bhullar from Malcolm Pirnie; Philip Kora and Sanjeev Mungarwadi from Great Lakes Water Authority  Hot Topic: Disinfection

10:50am -  The New Normal – Operating and Maintaining the Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility after A PCB Contamination with Jonathan Lapsley from CDM Smith; Maggie Macomber and Darrell Dewitt from Charlotte Water   Hot Topic: PCB Contamination Recovery

1:30pm -  Pilot-Scale Comparison of Gas-Sparged and GAC-Fluidized Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors Treating Domestic Wastewater with Patrick Evans from CDM Smith, Jaeho Bae and Chungheon Shin from Inha University; Kahao Lim, Prathap Parameswaran, Tyler Penfield and Barrett Schmidt from Kansas State University; Perry McCarty from Stanford University. Room N426b. Hot Topic: Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors

2:00pm -  Characterization of Startup Phase Performance in an Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor with Pat Evans from CDM Smith; Kahao Lim, Prathap Parameswaran, Tyler Penfield, Barrett Schmidt and Chad Olney from Kansas State University. Room N426b. Hot Topic: Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors

3:30pm -  New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) - Water For Life: Water Champions Campaign with Katelyn Biedron from CDM Smith. Room S501a. Hot Topic: Public Outreach

3:30pm -  Patience is a Virtue: Lessons Learned from the First Installation of Cold Sludge Heating for Anaerobic Digestion with Adam Evans from CDM Smith; Richard Wagner from Dallas Water Utilities. Room N426c. Hot Topic: Bioenergy
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