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CDM Smith at ACE19

May 15, 2019
We are thrilled to showcase so many of our water stars at AWWA's ACE19 conference. Learn more about the experts you'll want to catch to get the most out of your conference experience.

Saturday, June 8

CDM Smith is a proud sponsor of ThirstyFest, a volunteer-led beer festival with 100% of the proceeds going to Water For People. Join us on Saturday, June 8 from 6-10 PM at Improper City, 3201 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205.

Tickets are on sale now for just $25. We hope to see you there! 

Monday, June 10

2:00 PM State-of-the-Art Review: Leak Detection with Ahmad Habibian. Room: 403. Hot Topic: Asset Management

2:00 PM Connecticut’s Water Future: Assessing Water Avail­abil­ity, Demand, and Allocation to Inform the State’s First Water Plan with Rebecca Guihan; co-author Katie Swanson. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4BHot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management

2:00 PM Overview of Innovative Financing in the Western U.S. Water Sector with Hala Titus. Room: 401. Hot Topic: Financing, Rates and Afford­abil­ity

3:00 PM Emerging and Needed Treatment Solutions for an Evolving PFAS Conundrum with Dora Chiang. Room: 503. Hot Topic: Water Policy and Regulatory Actions

4:00 PM Developing a Sustainable Plan for Missouri's Water Resources with Mark McCluskey. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4B. Hot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management

Tuesday, June 11

9:30 AM Disin­fect­ing Water Mains with Ozone Gas-Waterless Disin­fec­tion Method Can Save Billions of Gallons Per Year with Jill Vandegrift.; co-author Chris Schulz. Room: Mile High Ballroom 1A. Hot Topic: Distri­b­u­tion Operations and Management

9:30 AM New Tools for Water Planning in Colorado with Becky Dunavant. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4A. Hot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management

10:45 AM Statis­ti­cally Measuring Conser­va­tion Achieve­ments at Long Beach Water, Southern California with Jessica Fritsche. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4C. Hot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management

11:15 AM Design Guidance Documents: Enhancing Standards Through Design with Catherine McIntosh. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3A. Hot Topic: Infra­struc­ture Design and Project Delivery

1:30 PM A Unique Way to Control Ozone System Operations with Rapid Response Controls at JEA's Greenland Water Treatment Plant with Chris Schulz; co-authors Jeremy O'Neal, Yanni Polematidis. Room: Mile High Ballroom 1F. Hot Topic: Smart Water Utility 

1:30 PM Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System Modeling and Challenges with Eric Smith. Room: Exhibit Hall- Booth #2848. Hot Topic: Pipes, Asset Management, Design/Construc­tion/O&M

2:00 PM Working Together to Identify and Implement the Optimal Groundwater Treatment Solutions for PFAS with Ji Im; co-author Al LeBlanc. Room: Mile High Ballroom 1E. Hot Topic: Small Systems Management 

3:15 PM Applying Innovative GIS and Business Intel­li­gence Technology Solutions to Support Asset Management and Utility Operations with Jayson Brennen. Room: Mile High Ballroom 1F. Hot Topic: Smart Water Utility

3:15 PM PFAS Treatment Tech­nolo­gies with Dora Chiang. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3B. Hot Topic: Stakeholder Engagement and Commu­ni­ca­tions

Wednesday, June 12

7:00 AM Critical Issues in Water Science with Dora Chiang. Room: 501. Hot Topic: Water Policy and Regulatory Actions

9:00 AM Data Collection and Visu­al­iza­tion: Emerging Ways to Better Understand Your System with Amy Corriveau. Room: Mile High Ballroom 1E. Hot Topic: Smart Water Utility 

9:00 AM Restoring Balance to the Water-Energy Nexus: A Illinois Utility's Experience with Hydropower with Ben Finnegan; co-authors Randy Rogers, Eric Compton. Room: 303Hot Topic: Energy Efficiency

9:00 AM Lessons Learned from Lead Service Line Replacement Programs in New Jersey After a Lead Action Level Exceedance with Sandy Kutzing. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3B. Hot Topic: Managing Lead in Distri­b­u­tion Systems

9:30 AM Systems/Analytics: The Role of Data and How to Pull It All Together Across the Utility with Dave Neitz. Room: Mile High Ballroom 1E. Hot Topic: Smart Water Utility

9:30 AM A Decision Support Model for Meeting Subsidence Regulations in Sugar Land with Jenny Bywater; co-author Will Garde. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4BHot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management

10:30 AM Risk Mitigation for Large Diameter Pipe Instal­la­tion in Urban Areas with David Tanzi. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3A. Hot Topic: Infra­struc­ture Design and Project Delivery

11:30 AM Panel Discussion with Scott Aldridge. Room: Innovation PavillionHot Topic: Innovation

1:30 PM Laboratory and Field Testing of an Innovative Point-of-Use Household Filter in Remote Native Alaskan Villages with Chris Schulz; co-author Janelle Rogers. Room: 303Hot Topic: Distri­b­u­tion Plant Operations and Management

1:30 PM Houston Northeast Water Purifi­ca­tion Plant Expansion: Benefits of Physical Hydraulic Modeling to Select Design Elements with Mark Allen; co-authors Randy Rogers, Ben Finnegan. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3A. Hot Topic: Infra­struc­ture Design and Project Delivery

2:00 PM Bioprocess Monitoring Tools for Biological Filtration with Jen Hooper; co-author Pat Evans. Room: 501Hot Topic: Advances in Water Treatment

2:30 PM Lean Method­olo­gies to Enhance Design and Stakeholder Input During the Design of a Major New Drinking Water Treatment Plant with Adam Marquez. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3AHot Topic: Infra­struc­ture Design and Project Delivery 

2:30 PM Addressing Uncertainty in Managing Water Systems Through Scenario Planning: 10 Years of Lessons Learned with Dan Rodrigo; co-author Sue Morea. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4AHot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management

2:55 PM Intelligent Business Intel­li­gence (BI): Making Data-Driven Decisions a Reality with Bryan Cully; co-author James Carolan. Room: 403Hot Topic: Asset Management Dashboards

3:30 PM You Want to Build a Surface Water Plant Where? Making the Most of a Small Site-Pearland Texas, a Case Study with Sarah Stewart; co-authors Alex Doody, J. Dan Shannon. Room: Mile High Ballroom 3AHot Topic: Infra­struc­ture Design and Project Delivery

4:00 PM Evaluating Future Water Supply Sustain­abil­ity Using a New Integrated Systems Tool with Bill Fernandez; co-author Dan Rodrigo. Room: Mile High Ballroom 4AHot Topic: Water Resources and Conser­va­tion Management
Dora Chiang Dora Chiang
I push myself to dream bigger on how we, as environmental consultants, can help make changes.
Breaking down PFAS Breaking down PFAS
FYI in 45 - Breaking Down PFAS
Join two leading experts in water research and treatment  to hear about the latest PFAS devel­op­ments and applied research. Learn how some communities are moving forward with treatment strategies.
June 27th | 1:30 p.m. Eastern
Jaysen Brennan Jaysen Brennan
Doing a great job on your first project will give you a leg-up on the competition for that second project.
Houston Houston
This exciting project will help Houston meet its future drinking water needs and those of its partner utilities.
Jennifer Hooper Jennifer Hooper
We're all personally responsible to bring out the very best in what we have to offer.
Christopher Schulz Christopher Schulz
R&D projects with progressive utilities allow us to potentially improve upon traditional ways of doing things.
Emerging contaminants water testing Emerging contaminants water testing
PFAS & Emerging Cont­a­m­i­nants
Our engineers and scientists are working tirelessly to solve the world’s most complex cont­a­m­i­na­tion challenges. Explore our solutions to the latest threats to public health.