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CDM Smith at ACE18

April 19, 2018
We are thrilled to showcase so many of our water stars at AWWA's ACE18 conference. Learn more about the experts you'll want to catch to get the most out of your conference experience.

Monday, June 11th

2:00 PM Beyond the Spec Book: Learn What, How, and When to Use Various Equipment in the Water Treatment Process [workshop presen­ta­tion]. With Ji Im. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

Tuesday, June 12th

2:00 PM Overview of Inland Desali­na­tion. With Greg Wetterau. Mandalay Bay D. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

3:00 PM The Water Utility Challenge: Demon­stra­tion of PEPSO. With Mohsen Sadatiyan. Breakers I-J. Hot Topic: Smarter Infra­struc­ture

3:00 PM Distri­b­u­tion System Asset Management: Case Studies of Three Communities’ Water Main Replacement Program. With Amrou Atassi. Mandalay Bay B. Hot Topic: Smarter Infra­struc­ture

4:00 PM Preserving the Value of Existing Wells by System­at­i­cally Addressing PFAS Groundwater Cont­a­m­i­na­tion. With Ji Im; co-authors Alan LeBlanc and David Billips of Westfield, MA. Breakers E-F. Hot Topic: Emerging Cont­a­m­i­nants

4:00 PM Craft Brewing Growing Pains. With Tim Rynders; co-authors Tony Actis, Ben Holloway, Ryan Reid, Jillian Vandegrift. Surf A-B. Hot Topic: Driving Net-Zero

4:30 PM Multiple Barrier Treatment Regime on the Mighty Mississippi: Learning from the Past and Building for the Future. With Al LeBlanc and Larry Cook of Rock Island, IL. Surf A-B. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

Wednesday, June 13th

8:30 AM Bundling, Part­ner­ships and P3s: Innovating to Help Small to Medium Size Systems [panel discussion]. With Dave Zimmer. Lagoon K-L. Hot Topic: Innovative Finance

10:00 AM There’s an App for That! Applying GIS and Business Intel­li­gence Technology to Support Asset Management and Utility Operations. With Jayson Brennen; co-author Mike Schultz. Mandalay Bay J. Hot Topic: Smarter Infra­struc­ture

1:30 PM Do I Really Need to Pilot Test? With Bruce Chalmers; co-authors Jen Hooper, Greg Wetterau. Breakers C-D. Hot Topic: Potable Reuse

2:00 PM Developing a New Household Water Filtration Device for Remote Alaskan Villages. With Chris Schulz; co-author Janelle Rogers. Lagoon B. Hot Topic: Driving Net-Zero

3:00 PM Expanding a Water System Across the County: Technical, Financial, Political and Legal Challenges. With Amrou Atassi; co-authors Darrell Bienniss. Breakers I-J. Hot Topic: Innovative Finance

4:30 PM Leveraging Mixed-Reality to Transform Engineering. With Scott Aldridge. Innovation Lounge, Exhibit Hall. Hot Topic: Innovative & Disruptive Tech­nolo­gies

Thursday, June 14th

9:30 AM Groundwater Modeling of a Deep Coastal Aquifer System in Tanzania Guided by Hydrocarbon Exploration Data. With Matt Gamache; co-authors Henning Moe, Fridjov Ruden. Breakers A-B. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

10:00 AM From Emergency to Opportunity: Repair and Condition Assessment of a 30” PCCP Trans­mis­sion Main. With David Tanzi; co-author Jan Chwiedosiuk of Middlesex Water Company. Lagoon G. Hot Topic: Smarter Infra­struc­ture

10:00 AM Stuck with Brine Ponds? Now What? With Eric Smith; co-author Bruce Chalmers. Mandalay Bay D. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

2:45 PM Imple­men­ta­tion of the First Non-Proprietary Membrane System in Penn­syl­va­nia. With Kenneth Smith. Mandalay Bay D. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

3:30 PM Filter Underdrain Reha­bil­i­ta­tion in the Shadow of the Andes: Upgrades to Chile’s Largest Water Treatment Plant. With Ben Finnegan; co-authors Pablo Chavez, Boris Trumper. Mandalay Bay B. Hot Topic: Supply Innovation

3:40 PM Activated Carbon for Emerging Contaminant Removal. With Bill Dowbiggin. Lagoon K-L. Hot Topic: Emerging Cont­a­m­i­nants

Greg Wetterau Greg Wetterau
Water supply innovation means helping communities develop new, sustainable supplies of potable water.
Houston Houston
This exciting project will help Houston meet its future drinking water needs and those of its partner utilities.
Jihyon Im Jihyon Im
Young profes­sion­als bring so much to the table: energy, fresh perspec­tives, creative ideas, initiative, and passion.
Model1 Model1
Many water utilities are concerned about these compounds, but Westfield has taken action and is leading the way.
Christopher Schulz Christopher Schulz
Solving major engineering challenges requires both innovation and strategic thinking.