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Krista Goodin, AICP

Senior Transportation Planner, Project Manager

For senior transportation and environmental planner Krista Goodin, success is a byproduct of initiative. “I learned at an early age to proactively go after something if you want it,” she says. “Don’t wait for someone to give you permission if it’s the right thing to do.” Applying that mindset, Krista has successfully led multidisciplinary teams on projects involving multimodal transportation, environmental and land-use planning challenges for clients like the Virginia Department of Transportation and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

During her career, Krista has demonstrated expertise in long-range planning and environmental reviews, including National Environmental Policy Act documentation, for infrastructure projects conforming to state and federal requirements, as well as an aptitude for building coalitions between governmental and private entities. Her combination of transportation, environmental and community outreach expertise are particularly beneficial in providing clients a cohesive, multimodal and systematic approach to every project.

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Why CDM Smith? The sense of support you get at CDM Smith is different than what I’ve experienced at other firms. I enjoy my colleagues in my office, as well as those from across the company who I work with on projects. The team structure here minimizes micro­man­age­ment and encourages results.

How might clients describe you? Responsive, personable, outgoing, friendly and positive.

What is the best (or worst) part of your work day? The best is when I can cross something off my list; I’m a list-maker. When I’m able to knock something out, I enjoy the feeling of accom­plish­ment. The worst part of my day is when the coffee isn’t cutting it.

What’s something you enjoy doing on your day off? Spending time with my husband and son, visiting museums and breweries or having fun outdoors.

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I strive to be present and mindful in conversations, thoughtful in how I respond, and honest in my efforts to do what I say I will do.
Did you know?

Krista was responsible for researching the impact of technology trends, such as driverless vehicles and drones, on Virginia's transportation system for the state's multimodal long-range transportation plan, VTrans2040.

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