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David Schwartz, PE, BCEE

Vice President, Senior Project Manager

David Schwartz is a vice president and senior project manager with experience in a wide range of water and wastewater treatment and conveyance projects. He's an expert in planning, design, value engineering and start-up of facilities. For his work managing design-build projects like the Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station and Enhanced Clarification Facility for DC Water, David has worked closely with the design and construction teams to enhance collaboration and improve project delivery.

Why CDM Smith? CDM Smith has given me the opportunity to work on an ever-changing variety of projects. I have been involved with design, construction and business development, and have never been bored. Even though I did not follow a technical track, I have always been able to participate in technical aspects of projects at some level, and I still get to do enough of that to keep it interesting. CDM Smith has great people, and I have had the privilege to work with a lot of them over 35 years.

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What inspires you? I’m inspired by the work ethic and drive for excellence exhibited by CDM Smith’s employees. I’m also inspired by those who have the courage to stand up for what they believe in, even when the situation is uncomfortable.


What are your 3 non-work passions? Beer making (my latest hobby), road biking and DIY projects around the house. 


What’s your personal motto? If you can’t do anything about it, don’t sweat it! 

David Schwartz on Tailgate Talks: Fast Trackers

David shares success stories with Brian Hagerich about their work on the DC Water design-build biosolids management project.

Tina Fey Dave Schwartz
We do our best work when we perform as a team, drawing on everyone’s strengths and working together to deliver an excellent project. 
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