Revitalizing a Former Car Manufacturing Site

Revitalizing a Former Car Manufacturing Site
Bochum Perspective 2022 GmbH Bochum, Germany
Following closure of Opel's plant in Bochum, Germany, CDM Smith was hired to help redevelop the site, named MARK 51°7, to attract new investors.

December 2014 saw the last Opel vehicle leave the production line in Bochum, Germany. The Bochum Perspective 2022 commissioned CDM Smith to perform surface treatment to make the former car manufacturing site attractive for new investors. As part of a joint-venture, the CDM Smith team is providing complete services for site preparation, site reactivation and development. These services include dismantling and demolition design, construc­tion site supervision, mine stabilization, site preparation for new construc­tion and remediation efforts for all phases.

acre development area
excavated material
converted enclosed space

CDM Smith has been entrusted with the remediation design for hazardous materials, such as asbestos, artificial mineral fibers, poly­chlo­ri­nated biphenyls and polycyclic aromatic hydro­car­bons, and construction site supervision for the site revitalization. We have continuously secured remaining evidence of mining in the area by exploring and securing around 20 kilometers of seams, thirty-four surface openings, three main adit level systems and five air-raid bunkers. Our site preparation for the redevelopment includes design and supervision of foundation demolition and unsealing of surfaces, soil compaction, terrain modeling and construction of stabilized embankments.

One of the major constraints of this project is the tight schedule. This requires structured coordination and management of all construction disciplines and contractors involved – not an everyday challenge given the size of the area and magnitude of demolition materials to be handled.

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Did you know?

The site originally belonged to the coal mine Dannenbaum, whose decom­mis­sion­ing was agreed upon in December 1958 (with the operations ending the following year). The earthworks for the new Opel factory began in 1960, with the production of the Opel Kadett A starting 2 years later. December 2014 saw the final car - a Zafira - leave the production line.

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