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matt goss Vice President, Project Manager
Our expert reveals the buzz in the energy market.

What is going on in the energy sector right now, and what is your role in helping clients solve energy challenges? 
We have done a lot of facilities work recently—things like central plant equipment upgrades; boiler system improvements; large air handling unit upgrades; and, enhancements to chilled water systems—that are focused on improving central utility systems and building functions. Clients want energy-efficient, sustainable solutions for equipment upgrades or replacements. They want to stretch their operating dollars and are looking to us to help them achieve their goals.

As the technical strategy leader for energy in the infrastructure and technology group, my job is to work with our client service teams to identify opportunities to address our clients’ challenges in the facilities and energy realms. Not only do I work with the client service teams to ensure we identify the right solutions for our clients, but that we also have the right experts on the job. CDM Smith continues to cultivate its credentials in the energy market by maintaining membership in leading organizations and associations, which is why we are both an EPA CHP (combined heat and power) Partner as well as an EnergyStar Service and Product Provider.

How is today’s energy market evolving?
In my opinion, the biggest developments in the energy market have been around analytics. We have access to better data, which allows us to make more informed decisions when creating a strategy to meet our clients’ needs. For example, we advise our clients on real-time data collection so they can track energy usage more dynamically.

In terms of government oversight, we are seeing significant focus on energy initiatives at both the state and federal levels, making it critically important that we remain well-informed of the laws and regulations affecting the market, particularly tax incentives related to energy-efficient equipment and processes. It also means monitoring both state and federal legislation that could affect the energy market and the work that we do within that market.

We are seeing significant focus on energy initiatives at the state and federal levels, making it critically important that we remain well-informed of the laws and regulations.
matt goss

Talk about a recent energy project success. 
We were one of five firms selected to do detailed energy audits for local governmental and municipal facilities in the state of New Jersey. We conducted energy audits to analyze energy spend and consumption and worked to identify implementable energy conservation measures that would result in direct savings. We were also able to identify opportunities to incorporate renewable energy concepts like wind, solar or geothermal. We are at the point now where we are starting to see our recommendations being implemented. It is great to see that come to fruition.

 We have also been supporting numerous energy-related opportunities for current clients—everything from lighting system upgrades and window replacements to new CHP systems. We have even worked on projects that involved cutting edge battery power storage technologies with state agencies like the New York Power Authority.

What makes CDM Smith stronger than its competitors in the energy market? 
Experience. We have a strong group of experienced energy experts ready to take on any challenges our clients bring to us. This team of energy experts is supported by engineers from all disciplines who are available to collaborate on projects, providing comprehensive engineering solutions. In addition, CDM Smith has its own construction division, which allows us to generate in-house construction costs for implementation. Our clients want a solution that is easily implemented and truly beneficial for them, and that is exactly what we provide.

Matt Goss is a vice president and the technical strategy leader for energy in CDM Smith’s infrastructure and technology group with over fourteen years’ experience. Mr. Goss is a licensed professional engineer in fourteen states, is a LEED Accredited Professional and is also a Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Demand Side Manager.

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In my opinion, the biggest developments in the energy market have been around analytics.
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