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Biosolids and Bioenergy

The technology available to recover energy and resources at water reclamation facilities has advanced at an exciting rate. Let’s work together to select and implement the net-zero technology that can turn your liabilities into assets and drive strong return on investment.
Peter Loomis Peter Loomis
As more facilities take advantage of bioenergy technology, the industry grows stronger.
The Power of Anaerobic Membranes

Tim Rynders explains how research and development efforts around anaerobic membranes are unlocking possibilities for water reuse and energy production.

FYI in 45: RINs 101 FYI in 45: RINs 101
RINs 101: Getting Paid for Your Biogas
Is your facility generating biogas?  You could be adding revenue with renewable iden­ti­fi­ca­tion numbers (RINs), a natural gas currency that's now commanding record-high prices. Learn more from a recent CDM Smith webinar.

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