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CDM Smith scientists and engineers are taking on one of the biggest contamination crises of our time—and delivering results.

First applied to consumer goods nearly a century ago, per- and poly­flu­o­roalkyl substances (PFAS) are pervasive, man-made chemicals linked to adverse human health effects. These compounds have become indis­pens­able building blocks of some of the most common household products, like non-stick cookware, waterproof fabrics, paints, and polishes.


PFAS compounds are especially troubling because of their unique chemical properties. Both hydrophobic (water-repellent) and hydrophilic (water soluble), they are extremely versatile and bioac­cu­mu­late for long periods of time. This means that even at very low concen­tra­tions, they can pose a significant risk due to the fact that they linger in the bloodstream.


Working with the CDM Smith Bellevue Research and Testing Laboratory, our envi­ron­men­tal scientists and engineers have been applying cutting-edge solutions to treat water supplies around the country. Watch our documentary short "Troubled Waters: The Fight Against PFAS" for an intro­duc­tion to this group of emerging cont­a­m­i­nants.

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