More Than Work Video Series

More Than Work Video Series
Our employees are inspired to be the best in the business, but we know that a job is just one part of a fulfilling life. At CDM Smith, we celebrate all of the rewarding dimensions of an individual. Our More Than Work series spotlights a few of our best and brightest; talented and passionate people who go above and beyond every day—inside and outside of work—for their clients, colleagues, communities and themselves. Their #MoreThanWork stories show that CDM Smith is an amazing place to work!
Roscoe Charity

When mentors and bright, young minds gather in a room, future opportunities filled with hope and purpose come knocking. Since The Greatest Investment’s inception in 2010, CDM Smith automation specialist Roscoe has been channeling his passion for mentoring to help create a safe and empowering outlet for young girls of color in central Florida. Having a daughter of his own, Roscoe holds a deep understanding and appreciation for this mission and hopes to inspire young girls with his insights and perspective.

Ayman Halaseh

Ayman, a water resources engineer, believes water and STEM can be vehicles for peace. While his work on a project Northern Jordan unexpectedly supported the needs of Syrian refugees in 2011, his creation of a STEM program for children in the refugee camps is empowering them and investing in their—and Syria's—future.

Janie Locklear

Janie's story is rich with her dedication to service, mentorship and community. A member of the Lumbee tribe, she is one of the firm's experts on AutoCAD C3D Pipeline Design, mentors others and pays it forward by going above and beyond to inspire her community.

Dave Polcari

Dave has more hobbies than your average person and an enthusiasm for helping others succeed. Whether he's chairing an industry committee or visiting a client, he makes himself available to his colleagues and clients, and still finds time for his forge!

Kevin Chester

Kevin Chester, known as KC, is much more than his title of transportation inspector. He’s an athlete, a Florida native and co-founder of the non-profit The Sanford Justice League. See how KC is #MoreThanWork