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Health & Safety

Safety first. Our clients expect it, we demand it and our employees live it. CDM Smith's health and safety (H&S) program is based on the principles that people are our greatest asset, accidents and injuries are preventable, and everyone is responsible for safety. 

El­e­ments of our suc­cess­ful H&S pro­gram in­clude:

  • Lead­er­ship of the Cor­po­rate H&S Officer, unit presidents and network of H&S managers in every busi­ness unit
  • Com­pre­hen­sive H&S train­ing
  • Ac­cu­rate re­port­ing, analy­sis, and in­ves­ti­ga­tions
  • Med­ical sur­veil­lance pro­gram over­seen by a board-cer­ti­fied occu­pa­tional physician
  • Pro­ject health and safety plans

Thanks to this vig­or­ous pro­gram, CDM Smith has con­sis­tently achieved ex­pe­ri­ence modifica­tion, total record­able in­ci­dent, and lost work­day in­ci­dent rates much bet­ter than in­dus­try av­er­age.

CDM Smith has re­ceived nu­mer­ous awards from the Na­tional Safety Coun­cil. To qual­ify for the Oc­cu­pa­tional Ex­cel­lence Achieve­ment Award, or­ga­ni­za­tions must main­tain a lost work­day in­ci­dent rate equal to or less than 50 per­cent of the in­dus­try av­er­age. Per­fect Record Awards re­quire 12 months or more of work with no lost time in­juries or ill­nesses. Mil­lion Work Hours Awards rec­og­nize or­ga­ni­za­tions or pro­jects that have worked more than one mil­lion hours with­out a lost time in­jury. Cer­tificate of Merit Awards pro­vide recognition of outstand­ing safety prac­tices and per­for­mance. The Su­pe­rior Safety Per­for­mance Award re­quired 10 years with­out a lost time in­jury. Safety Lead­er­ship awards re­quired 5+ years with­out a lost time in­jury. 

2018 National Safety Council Awards

  • 6 Occupational Excellence Achievement Awards
  • 1 Perfect Record Award
  • 2 Million Work Hour Awards
  • 2 Corporate Culture of Safety Awards

2017 National Safety Council Awards

  • 6 Occupational Excellence Achievement Awards
  • 1 Perfect Record Award
  • 1 Million Work Hour Award

2016 Na­tional Safety Coun­cil Awards

  • 12 Oc­cu­pa­tional Ex­cel­lence Achieve­ment Awards
  • 7 Per­fect Record Awards

2015 Na­tional Safety Coun­cil Awards

  • 2015 Oc­cu­pa­tional Ex­cel­lence Achieve­ment Award
  • 23 Oc­cu­pa­tional Ex­cel­lence Achieve­ment Awards
  • 24 Per­fect Record Awards
  • 2 Su­pe­rior Safety Per­for­mance Awards
  • 2 Safety Lead­er­ship Awards
  • Cer­tificate of Merit Award
  • 8 Mil­lion Work Hour Award
  • 1 Cor­po­rate Haz­ard Recog­ni­tion Award
  • 1 Cor­po­rate Cul­ture of Safety

2014 Na­tional Safety Coun­cil Awards

  • 4 Oc­cu­pa­tional Ex­cel­lence Achieve­ment Award
  • 11 Per­fect Record Award
  • 2 Su­pe­rior Safety Per­for­mance Award
  • Safety Lead­er­ship Award
  • Cer­tificate of Merit Award
  • 6 Mil­lion Work Hour Award
  • 2 Cor­po­rate Haz­ard Recog­ni­tion Award
  • 2014 NAV­FAC SW ROICC Camp Pendle­ton STAR Con­trac­tor Safety Award
  • 2014 New Jer­sey Gov­er­nor's Safety Award
  • 2013 Vol­un­tary Pro­tec­tion Pro­gram
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