Social Sciences Services

Social Sciences Services
Behind every project is a human dimension. CDM Smith's Social Scientists can assist to identify and address social risks, understand community concerns, and foster social enterprise.

With extensive experience in the completion of social impact assessment, community engagement and the application of contem­po­rary social science research techniques, we provide clients with genuine insights which make a real difference to managing the human dimensions of Projects.

Social Assessment

A key factor influencing the success of a project is how it interacts with the community in which it operates. An insufficient understanding of social impacts can put a project at risk of long-term delay, active community resistance, stringent approval conditions and loss of reputation.

Through our depth of experience, CDM Smith can provide Projects with a genuine understanding of social risk and how it can be most effectively managed. We can work with you to:

  • Develop a social baseline which accurately describes the current social context
  • Engage with the community and key stakeholders to identify the community values and aspirations which will frame the assessment of project impacts
  • Precisely define the actual ways in which the project will impact upon social values and assign a level of significance to such impacts
  • Work with the proponent, government and the community to develop practical measures which mitigate identified social impacts
  • Deliver social impact management plans
  • Minimise risk by identifying key social impacts and mitigation measures

Our team has delivered more than 60 social impact assessments across multiple sectors and jurisdications. We will ensure that the social assessment we provide meets all planning and approval requirements and provides the Project with the foundation for a stable and productive relationship with the community in which it operates.

Stakeholder Engagement

Effectively engaging with stakeholders and the community is the cornerstone of all successful projects and business initiatives. CDM Smith can assist with the strategic engagement of stakeholders and the community to protect or enhance reputation and manage Project risks. Our experienced stakeholder and social management consultants can work with you to:

  • Map and analyse project stakeholders
  • Develop integrated and comprehensive stakeholder engagement plans
  • Establish effective lines of communication with stakeholders and community
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of engagement efforts
  • Identify and manage social impacts
  • Meet regulatory requirements and best practice standards
  • Increase community confidence and enhance reputation

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