Advancing PFAS Treatment

Advancing PFAS Treatment
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CDM Smith is investing significant resources in the development of more efficient and cost effective PFAS assessment and treatment technologies.

CDM Smith brings a unique local and inter­na­tional capability around stakeholder engagement, risk assessment and treatment of poly- and per-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) with key local and national regulatory planning familiarity. Through the teaming of leading inter­na­tional CDM Smith experts with local prac­ti­tion­ers we can provide the innovative insights in relation to PFAS movement in the environment, risks to communities and connected ecosystems to support more effective stakeholder engagement to government, industry and community groups.

In Australia, CDM Smith are actively working on assessment projects for PFAS in soil and/or water, and have demon­stra­ble experience on major infra­struc­ture and envi­ron­men­tal compliance projects. CDM Smith has been undertaking regular monitoring programs of surface waters at and surrounding airports to ensure construc­tion activities are not causing adverse effects to the surrounding environment. 

We are investing significant resources in the development of more efficient and cost effective PFAS assessment and treatment tech­nolo­gies. CDM Smith has conducted numerous treatment studies on elec­tro­chem­i­cal, biological and chemical treatment processes with the aim of providing proven, sustainable and effective solutions to our Clients, which include many airport facilities owned and/or operated by the US Department of Defense. Through these ongoing studies with the US Dod, CDM Smith has gained consid­er­able appre­ci­a­tion of the behaviour of PFAS in groundwater, effec­tive­ness and limitations of currently available treatment approaches and potential to optimise current tech­nolo­gies.

CDM Smith research looks to accelerate this technology so it can be deployed in the field.

We are actively working on ground inves­ti­ga­tion projects at Gold Coast, Darwin and Brisbane Airports where PFAS has been assessed, and have infra­struc­ture and envi­ron­men­tal compliance experience at capital city, regional and minor airport sites (including Defence) throughout Australia. Our specialist experts have demon­strated experience with PFAS that may be called upon around stakeholder engagement, risk assessment and remediation/management for air and other service related health and envi­ron­men­tal support.

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