Providing Offshore approvals and permitting

Providing Offshore approvals and permitting
Oil and gas Australia
Supporting Oil and Gas operators with offshore approvals and permitting.

CDM Smith is supporting a multinational oil and gas operator with offshore approvals and permitting for full field development prospects offshore Australia.

Our team brings experience with the preparation, coordination and review of approvals to address all aspects of the petroleum lifecycle, including early exploration (seismic surveys and exploration drilling), appraisal, development drilling, construction, commissioning and operations, through to decommissioning.

CDM Smith's advisory has spanned a range of area including:

  • Strategic approvals advice - including early approvals strategy framing, identifying a pathway of optimal approvals and inputs into permitting schedules, including coordination across disciplines
  • Environmental risk workshop facilitation and participation, including preparation of risk registers; and environmental risk assessments
  • Supporting studies and modelling - advice, scoping and reviews, including synthesis of key conclusions in an approvals context. This includes coordination and review of routine discharges (wastewater, produced water, cooling water), non-routine spill modelling, and underwater noise assessments undertaken by discipline specialist companies
  • Stakeholder engagement - facilitation of targeted stakeholder engagement and inputs into the broader stakeholder consultation process and strategy, including stakeholder mapping and analysis, and engagement with leading technical subject matter experts.
  • Regulatory engagement - planning and implementation of engagement with regulatory agencies, in a technical advisory capacity to contribute to effective communications
  • Preparation of offshore approvals documentation, including reviews in support of submission to regulatory agencies
  • Interface with engineering lead, external relations and environmental studies and approvals team members to coordinate integrated lead-time planning

Our team bring experience to address all aspects of the project lifecycle. 
In addition to this, CDM Smith is also providing environmental advisory support in the development of environmental submissions for new subsea drilling, construction and installation activities. This scope supports a process of continuous improvement through transferable learnings from most recent offshore environmental approvals across regulatory jurisdictions. CDM Smith's scope includes coordination and interface with cross-discipline teams, integrated planning and scheduling of collective team inputs, environmental risk (ENVID) participation, and preparation of environmental assessment deliverables.
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