Data and Compliance Reporting

Data and Compliance Reporting
Leading the way with innovative methods to provide environmental data.

CDM Smith understands that the collection and interrogation of environmental data is a key component during the construction activities. Environmental data has historically been managed by project environmental advisors and/or consultants or contractors who provide static snapshots of the project data within reports. Although reports are excellent and a necessary way to document decisions, they are not always the best medium to transfer and share knowledge and data with stakeholders.

CDM Smith provide services relating to collecting, management, translation and distribution of data and are transitioning from delivering reports to delivering data. We will provide advice and insights in succinct deliverables that deviate from a "traditional" and familiar environmental report.

We manage site assessment field data (e.g. surface and groundwater, acid sulfate soils), sample location details, analytical data produced by the testing laboratories and compliance reporting to the client.

CDM Smith differentiate ourselves from the market by recognising recent advances in data analytics across other disciplines and integrating data technologies into project solutions to offer a variety of efficient and effective means to manage and visualise complex datasets. Our approach prioritises data sources for collation and streamlines data transcription to preclude the duplicate datasets, mitigates human errors and supports effective decision making.

The development of a data management system is commonplace on large environmental projects. Our offering is not to duplicate existing processes, but to instead relate relevant datasets (field, laboratory, criteria) to a framework rationalising complex environmental issues, to reduce inefficient or ineffective decision making.

We use a combination of spatial and analytical (aspatial) datasets to ensure that our data visualisations communicating project findings provide sound advice and are presented in an efficient, transparent manner. Our intention is to provide our clients with a variety of insights using visualisations that are fit for purpose, including traditional figures and reports, conceptual sketches, interactive dashboards with analytics, and other innovative and interactive deliverables.

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