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Digital Services for All Data

Through data science and analytics, remote sensing, GIS, spatial, digital advisory and product and application development, our goal is to provide exceptional data archi­tec­ture to convert your raw data into actionable insights allow you to make informed decisions.

Our data consultants design and implement data collection and analytics frameworks for envi­ron­men­tal, water, engineering and human health projects in the public and private sectors. The data collected is then presented in an easily under­stand­able manner through the use of visually appealing tools such as interactive reports, dashboards, web maps, and custom-built appli­ca­tions.

We aim to convert your data into user-friendly products and actionable insights that can inform decision-making and support commu­ni­ca­tions.

Our Range of Digital Services

Data Science & Analytics  - Data Visu­al­i­sa­tion   

GIS & Spatial Analysis - Remote Sensing & Data Acquisition 

- Digital Advisory Services - Product & Application Development


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Why Partner with CDM Smith Australia

Integrative & Adaptable

We know that custom solutions and innovation are key to success, and being flexible lets us respond to industry changes and help meet your needs. By fostering collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach, where possible, you’ll receive practical and effective solutions time and time again.


Technical Skill

Our local teams harness their skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible client outcome. Backed by global resources, we focus on remaining at the forefront of the industry.


Excellence in Efficiency

We’re focused on building efficiency in all areas of what we do. Delivering detailed results on time and within budget, complemented by clear, consistent communications.


Quality & Compliance

We pride ourselves in the quality of service and deliverables we provide our clients. Ensuring compliance with your OH&S requirements or any other regulations on-site. We undertake projects following third-party certified standards. 

We're here to help
Reach out to our team of experts to discuss your next digital project.
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