A key aspect of your package is your benefits, these reflect CDM Smith's commitment to cultivating and offering an unmatched work experience through the recruitment, development, and recognition of the individuals who make us exceptional. Everything you need to know about your benefits—wellness, optional benefits, and recognition—can be found here. Happy and healthy workers are known to possess greater energy, attention, and resilience, making them better equipped to handle the demands and problems that life can throw at them. Additionally, they have a higher propensity for productive collaboration and communication with leaders, colleagues, and clients, which can enhance the caliber and results of their work.

Benefits Overview


CDM Smith aspires to be an employer of choice, we are confident that this investment will result in greater employee health, increased produc­tiv­ity, increased staff retention, a better overall organ­i­sa­tional reputation, and most importantly a better employee experience. We are committed to providing meaningful benefits and well-being programs that support you, your role, your lifestyle and your family.

flexible working options

We value our employees’ well-being and work-life balance. That’s why we offer a range of flexible work options that allow our employees to adjust their work hours, location, or mode of work to suit their personal and profes­sional needs.

paid parental leave

We believe that paid parental leave is important for the well-being of our employees and their families. That’s why we offer generous and flexible parental leave and secondary carer leave options for our eligible employees who are expecting or adopting a child.

referral program   

We recognise that our employees are our best source of talent, and we encourage them to refer their friends and contacts for open positions in our organ­i­sa­tion. We support recruitment referrals by offering a referral bonus for every successful hire and making the referral process easy and transparent. By supporting recruitment referrals, we aim to attract and retain high-quality candidates, reduce hiring costs and time, and improve employee engagement and loyalty.

reward and recognition

Reward and recognition are essential for motivating and appre­ci­at­ing our employees. One of the ways we support reward and recognition is by offering peer bonuses, which are monetary rewards that employees can nominate each other for exceptional contri­bu­tions. This supports us to build a culture of recognition, where employees acknowledge and celebrate each other’s achieve­ments and behaviours that align with our organ­i­sa­tional goals and values and demon­strates inclusivity and diversity, as employees have equal oppor­tu­ni­ties to recognise and be recognised by anyone in the organ­i­sa­tion, regardless of role, location, or background.


Our Learning and Development platform ContinUum, that aims to enhance the skills, knowledge, and performance of our employees and help them achieve their personal and profes­sional goals. We support our employees by having an extensive learning and development platform that offers access to a wide range of learning materials and tools that meet the needs, interests, and learning styles of users, including articles, webinars, podcasts, and e-learning courses.


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confi­den­tial, short-term, and work-based counseling service that helps our employees overcome any personal or workplace challenges that may affect their well-being and performance. This is a free and voluntary service for our employees and their immediate family members, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

health and wellness program

Our health and wellness program is a proactive initiative that aims to improve the overall health and well-being of our employees and create a healthier work environment.

free flu jab

We provide an opportunity for an annual flu jab for all our employees because we want to keep you healthy and protected.

in office benefits

Includes: flexible work­sta­tions, sit/stand desks, fruit box deliveries, range of tea’s and coffee, treats and surprises, we want you to enjoy your time when in the office.

social activities

We love nothing more than to get the team together for a social outing or event. Team social activities are a fun and effective way to foster team spirit, camaraderie, and trust among our employees.

community fund raising

We are passionate about giving back and support our local community groups whenever we can. We foster a culture of community engagement and involvement, by encouraging our community members to share their stories, experiences, and ideas, and by providing oppor­tu­ni­ties for networking and collab­o­ra­tion.

industry or professional membership

We support Industry or Profes­sional Memberships that help your role, career and network.

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