For decades, CDM Smith has been supporting the extractive industry as well as the mining sector with innovative and sustainable solutions. The raw material supply as well as the safety of final waste storage are both essential for humankind. Therefore, mining will always exist. Here, the key challenge is to perform these tasks at the highest possible level of safety, environmental compatibility and sustainability. Owing to our interdisciplinary teams with experts in mining, geotechnics, infrastructure, environmental engineering, geology and water, we are capable of supporting clients as well public authorities in planning and project management in these fields, and in remediation, old mining, radioactive waste repository as well as in active raw materials production. We are committed to provide the highest safety and environmental standards.
Ulrich Lange Ulrich Lange
It takes shared responsibility and teamwork to achieve a successful project outcome.

Mining safe­guard­ing and remedation

Mining as such in its extended definition is part of the primary economic sector. Since early humankind, raw materials have been excavated and turned into i.e. tools, housing or machinery. Trans­for­ma­tion towards an environment-friendly and climate neutral society also requires specific raw materials for computer and electro mobility. Each era leaves behind traces of excavation and processing, a potential risk due to lack of structural safety or because of the dispersion of toxic substances into the environment. Our mining and geot­ech­ni­cal experts are specialised in planning the safe­guard­ing and if needed permanent preser­va­tion of mining structures in surface or underground mining. No matter whether the mine was abandoned hundreds of years ago, closed shortly, or still active. We build inter­dis­ci­pli­nary teams with our experts from envi­ron­men­tal and water engineering, quickly and straight­for­wardly, for dealing with cont­a­m­i­nants. We support you in safe­guard­ing your premises temporarily, or turning them sustainably.

Repository construc­tion

In Germany, nuclear power has long been an energy source providing for millions of people. While radioactive waste is generated with any nuclear utilization, its disposal or rather repository had been neglected for many years. This has changed with a growing awareness of risks from nuclear power and its waste.

Modern repos­i­to­ries need to comply with numerous criteria ensuring a safe storage of these problematic substances for many generations, protecting the society from those risks. Together with our experts from geo-technics, tunneling, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and envi­ron­men­tal engineering we provide for the successful full­fill­ment of this challenging task. For the protection of us all, and future generations.