Bhaskara Gundluru, PTP, PTOE

Team Leader - Transportation 

Bhaskara Gundluru is a senior trans­porta­tion modeler with 13 years of experience in transport planning, transport modeling, and traffic engineering across the Middle East region. He has been involved in delivering solutions to various challenging master plans, road projects, and traffic impact studies for major devel­op­ments.

Bhaskara’s experience includes the development and application of large scale transport models, simulation modeling of vehicular and pedestrian movements, analysis and evaluation of different transport schemes, area wide transport planning, traffic management schemes, and traffic impact studies. He is proficient in using the latest transport modelling software tools to model vehicular and pedestrian movements for corridors, devel­op­ments, and events.

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Why CDM Smith? CDM Smith is a horizontally structured, employee-owned company where employees are given complete freedom to take up any tasks that have been assigned to us. At CDM Smith, the best part is having a work culture that offers platforms where ideas and opinions can be freely discussed, all for the sake of meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.

What inspires you? I enjoy taking up challenging assignments. I believe in dreaming big and working hard in a disciplined manner in order to achieve success.

What is your favorite part of your job? Delivering the best solution for a given problem with the highest standards of quality in the industry.

How might clients describe you? Comfortable to work with, meticulous and thorough, and someone who delivers the project milestones within a given timescale.
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Did you know? 

Bhaskara is a certified Professional Transportation Planner and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. He is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, and a registered Professional Transportation Engineer with Indian Roads Congress.

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