Next GridBooster project for CDM Smith

Next GridBooster project for CDM Smith
10 November 2023
Audorf / Ottenhofen, Germany
The energy transition in Germany is progressing and the use of sustainable energy supply is more relevant today than ever before. Battery-based energy storage solutions such as Grid Boosters are emerging as crucial technology for this change. CDM Smith is now realising another GridBooster project and thus making a supportive contribution to the energy transition.

Our customer, Fluence, a global market leader in energy storage products and services, and optimisation software for renewables and storage, commissioned us to be their civil Balance of Plant partner for the design and build of the GridBooster battery-based energy storage systems in Audorf and Ottenhofen (both located in Germany) for the transmission grid operator TenneT TSO. Our team's work will help drive the nationwide energy transition in Germany, further expand our expertise in energy storage solutions and strengthen our relationship with Fluence.


This win marks our second contract for Fluence within the last year. “Winning the second major GridBooster project in Germany is a significant achievement that showcases CDM Smith´s expertise and our competitive position,” says Lukas Wallrabe, Client Service Lead. 
This project addresses a critical need in the energy sector, and I am confident that it will lead to more opportunities and to a successful long-term partnership with this strategic client.
Lukas Wallrabe, Client Service Lead
Fluence/TenneT TSO

How do GridBoosters work?


GridBoosters are an innovative application for battery-based energy storage systems to improve the transmission grid by enhancing its performance and efficiency, reducing power losses and optimising the electricity flow. Using energy storage-as-transmission increases transmission capacities of existing power lines, minimises grid interventions and strengthens energy security. As a subcontractor to Fluence, CDM Smith will focus on the civil scope of designing and building two 100-megawatt battery storage systems and GridBoosters, totalling 200 MW/200 MWh.


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