Consulting Services for Pre-Feasibility Study in Indonesia

Consulting Services for Pre-Feasibility Study in Indonesia
16 February 2022
In 2035, Indonesia’s population will presumably increase to over 200 millions, a growth of 71% compared to 2014. The municipal infrastructure is not set up for a population that size. So, ubiquitous road congestions, inappropriate waste and wastewater discharge as well as growing pressure on water supply are some of the key challenges. These factors also cause increasing emmissions and have an extensive impact on the environment.

The Indonesian-German Green Infrastructure Initiative provides loans of EUR 2.5 billions to promote infrastrucutre projects in the sectors of mobility, water/wastewater and waste management. These loans are to facilitate the achieving of national climate targets and aim to reduce CO2- and other greenhouse gas emissions by 4.5 million tons annually.

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In the provinces of West, Central and East Java as well as in Bali, environmentally relevant investment projects were identified, evaluated and prioritized. The GIZ (German Association for International Cooperation) contracted CDM Smith in collaboration with SMEC Denka for consulting services for the compilation of up to 18 pre-feasibility studies, also including gender and poverty aspects.

As there is a great need for action regarding the protection of the environment and climate in all three mentioned fields of key challenges, the investments are to boost these aspects as well as nationwide equality while also providing innovative approaches.

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