European Quarter Metro – Connection to a New Part of Frankfurt

European Quarter Metro – Connection to a New Part of Frankfurt
Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt/Main (VGF) ​Frankfurt/Main
A new district called the European Quarter in under construction in Frankfurt. It is on the site of the former goods and marshalling station and in the vicinity of the trade fair and banking district. It is expected that the district of approximately 145 hectares will attract up to 32,000 jobs and 3,800 dwellings will be constructed at the site.

The European Quarter will be connected to the metro network via the U5 line. This will result in the doubling of the track and an approximately 2.6 km extension on the existing metro line from “Platz der Republik”.

mechanical tunnel boring
total train path
maximum tunnel depth in groundwater

CDM smith is responsible for the structural planning and site supervision for the tunnel route of the extension. The tunnel route is at the first section of the extension and runs underground and partly under existing buildings. Two separate 840 m long tunnel tubes will be constructed. The new 170 m long station “Güterplatz” will be part of this section. Three further stations will be built in open construction. The line will emerge for underground via a constructed ramp.

With the U 5, the Europe quarters is rapidly integrating with the rest of the city and is easily reachable by public transport.
Dr.-Ing. Kai Werkhäuser, Projectmanager

The project requires tunnelling expertise: the tunnels intersect the challenging ground conditions of the “Frankfurt Clay”. These clays are interbedded with sands that can extend into the excavation cross-section and into the tunnel floor. In the open cut portion the tunnel structures lie in Quaternary sands and gravels. Groundwater levels are between 3 m and 5 m below ground level and therefore the tunnel structures will be below the groundwater table.

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Shaping the infrastructure of a city is an exciting challenge.
Dr.-Ing. Kai Werkhäuser Projectmanager
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