Securing the Water Supply in the Bavarian District of Roth

Securing the Water Supply in the Bavarian District of Roth
The Schwarzach joint water authority ​Wendelstein, district of Roth, Germany
To secure the water supply in the Bavarian district of Roth, the plant and the pipe network must be extensively refurbished and revamped over the next 20 years. As project manager, CDM Smith is accompanying the investment plan from planning to completion.

The Schwarzach joint water authority has been supplying member communities with drinking water for nearly 60 years. In 2014 we investigated the capacity of the water supply equipment’s to ensure a high-quality, long-term water supply in the future. Subsequent to a general assessment, the plant and equipment, including piping, will require comprehensive refurbishment and renewal over the next 20 years. The project has been divided into several investment and action packages; the first action package has an investment of around € 13.2 million and entails refurbishing two water reservoirs and two water treatment plants, as well as laying pipelines in several construction phases, and is due for completion in 2022.

line network
hydraulic structures

We are supporting the investment project from planning to completion, ensuring that the actual values of the project over a period of 6 years do not exceed the target amounts, with deadlines, budgets and performance targets met at all times by everyone involved in the project. We continuously review project progress in terms of quality and quantity. We work together with our customers on any adjustments that may be required, and schedules and project manuals ensure successful implementation throughout the project.

As a project controller, we see ourselves as a partner to the customer. We do not manage the project, but design it.
Johannes Holbig, Project Ma­na­ger

We clarified the conditions facing the project and reviewed eligibility, award procedures and financing options as part of the preparatory phase, with the resulting investment plan and timeline serving as a basis for financing the project. Refurbishing the drinking water network will be financed by charges and surcharges, so we provide public relations assistance for our customer through activities such as attending public information meetings.

Matthias Schelbert Matthias Schelbert
Drinking water is and remains priority number 1.

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