Landfill Ihlenberg - Safe Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Ihlenberger Waste disposal company mbH Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
The Ihlenberg landfill lies about 10 km east of Lübeck in the north-east of Germany and has been used to dispose of hazardous waste since 1980 (landfill classification III). It is an important building block in the nationwide waste disposal area for special waste and one of the largest installations of its kind in Europe.

However, due to its historical development, the Ihlenberg landfill is heavily criticised. While the older filled areas are to be decommissioned and secured, the remaining continue to operate. In a competition, CDM Smith was commissioned to plan the partial withdrawal and safeguarding of the old area. Replacement construction materials are to be used and alternative technical approaches are to be implemented. 

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We plan to seal the surface seal as a combination seal with leakage control system and controlled surface water drainage. We are incorporating existing gas and leachate water systems into the waterproofing and adapting the recultivation of the surface to post closure uses. According to our design, the site will gradually be expanded into an energy park. In addition to the energetic utilisation of the landfill gas, building blocks for this are the erection of photovoltaic plants with the potential for further alternative forms of energy generation such as wind energy plants or possibly also a pumped storage power plant.

Through our expertise, we provide the basis for a timely subsequent use.
Ulrich Klos, principal Project Manager

Apart from planning permission applications, we conducted preliminary environmental compatibility studies, drew up a landscape conservation support plan, secured geotechnical evidence, prepared the quality management plan for seal construction, and developed a land management concept. We also supported projects in gas well and gas collection system optimisation.

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We met the extensive requirements with our broad expert knowledge.
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