Best solutions for data center development

Best solutions for data center development
CDM Smith has succeeded in working with numerous well-known data center developers for over a decade. With over 700 employees in Europe, and more than 5,000 employees worldwide, our multidisciplinary project team offers a range of custom-fit solutions. 

Are you looking for a reliable partner to evaluate or develop your property as a datacenter location? CDM Smith is at your disposal, offering our expertise for all your needs, whether they be planning, design or implementation.

Our range of services includes:

Site Assessments
Phase I/II Technical, Environmental and Geotechnical Due Diligence
Property valuation
Pre-check permitting, fiber, power and water supply
Technical advice during contract negotiations
Flood and heavy rainfall risk assessment and modeling
Environmental and ecological assessments
Surveying, digital 3-D terrain models
Test fit
Archaeological surveys

Feasibility and planning
Soil and groundwater investigations, remediation planning
Building contaminant investigations, demolition concepts
Geotechnical investigations, foundation recomendations
FE modeling for foundation optimization
Master, land use and zoning planning 
Ready to build landscape, roads and utilities
Planning of facilities for handling of substances hazardous to water (AwSV)
Concepts for renewable energies
Tendering and procurement support
Support for Green Building certification

Brownfield Development
General contractor for demolition, remediation and site preparation (brownfield redevelopment)
Site management, construction supervision and technical support
Health and safety coordination
Disposal concepts, disposal management and waste declaration
Accompanying geotechnical investigations including geotechnical tests in CDM Smith's own laboratories
Drone-based construction progress monitoring

Operating Permit and Building Application
Operating permit applications (e.g. according to German Federal Immission Control Act - BImSchG)
Expert opinion for noise and air pollutants
Baseline report according to IED Directive (AZB)
Expert report facilities for handling of substances hazardous to water (§41 AwSV)
Environmental impact studies 

Other Permit Applications

Deconstruction applications 
Water law permit applications for construction and remediation measures (excavation, groundwater extraction)
Drainage and discharge license applications 
Tree cutting application

BIM Management
Creation and maintenance of specification-compliant interdisciplinary 3D specialist models (including with Revit, Civil 3D)
4 D time schedule and 5 D cost tracking
Simulations, visualizations, clash detection

If you are interested in our services please feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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