Briman Strategic Water Reservoirs

National Water Company(NWC) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The project is highly visible and is part of a strategic initiative to secure water supply under emergency conditions and for security purposes.

CDM Smith provided site supervision services for the construc­tion of the first phase of the strategic reservoirs in Jeddah, which is located at the Briman Reservoir Facility of the National Water Company (NWC). CDM Smith provided key personnel including the project manager, senior discipline engineers, planning and water engineers, a QA/QC engineer, a safety manager, discipline inspectors, and a surveyor.

The project was delivered under a design-build model with very wide scope to provide for 2 million m³ of storage at the site with a tank life of 100 years. The approach was fast-tracked and eventually accelerated to meet the challenges the city was facing throughout their distri­b­u­tion system, partic­u­larly during maintenance of the desali­na­tion plants and the population surges associated with pilgrimages to Makkah and Madinah. CDM Smith supervised the works contract being performed by a contractor as a design/build contract and set up the necessary organ­i­sa­tion to facilitate the efficient admin­is­tra­tion of all requisite activities.

We used our best efforts to maximise the likelihood of the timely implementation of the works and efficient use of financial resources. CDM Smith maintained a continuous presence as appropriate and /or required of its key personnel at the works site during the construction period and provided full supervisory services on behalf of NWC performing the functions and duties of the tasks described below.  

total project value

As supervision consultant, CDM Smith provided the leadership, technical expertise and necessary resources to support NWC in success­fully delivering this important project. CDM Smith performed admin­is­tra­tion and supervision of the works contract including but not limited to early construc­tion activities, development of site offices for CDM Smith and NWC, review of project design and assessment of contractor's submittals, provision of training for knowledge transfer to designated NWC staff, and provision of technical and contractual support during the defects liability period.

CDM Smith also reviewed Atkins and Freysin­net’s design proposal in a seminar held in the UK in February 2013 and began the review of formal sub­mit­tals im­me­di­ately after formal ap­point­ment in early April 2013. Su­per­vi­sion com­menced at the site in May 2013 and has con­tin­ued since. Based on early suc­cesses achiev­ing the client’s accelerated goals and mile­stones schedule, the client awarded the contractors an ad­di­tional three tanks that raised the total storage capacity to 2,062,500 .

In addition to the tanks, the scope included all internal site piping (up to 2.6 m in diameter), flow meters, valves, chlorination and mixing fittings, site roadways and drainage systems, a chlorination facility, administration building and complete SCADA control.

The project is Phase I of four phases to ultimately secure 6 million m³ of water strategic storage capacity. The eleven reservoirs are considered the largest in the world using prestressed concrete tanks with horizontal post tension tendons and vertical post-tensioned rods using the Freyssinet technology.

Officially Amazing
In 2014, the project was recognised by the Guinness World Records as the largest water storage facility in the world.
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Client's Recognition
The National Water Company issued an appreciation letter that recognised the outstanding work and performance of CDM Smith, which resulted in the successful completion of this project.  
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