Environmental Site Investigations and Remediation for Bosch Sites in Japan

Environmental Site Investigations and Remediation for Bosch Sites in Japan
Bosch Japan
The responsible use of resources is becoming increas­ingly important for companies; the Bosch Group aims to protect natural resources for present and future generations. The company’s sustain­abil­ity strategy includes envi­ron­men­tal assessments and remediation projects for several operating sites in Japan. For the last 9 years, CDM Smith has been serving Bosch as a general contractor for envi­ron­men­tal auditing, assessments and remediation.

After CDM Smith had already been entrusted with extensive site inves­ti­ga­tions for several cont­a­m­i­nants of concern at the former Robert Bosch Japan Higashimat­suyama 2 site from 2012-2017, Robert Bosch GmbH commis­sioned CDM Smith in 2018 to carry out soil and groundwater remediation of site areas impacted with chlorinated hydro­car­bons and hexavalent chromium.  

Remedial tasks at the Higashimat­suyama 2 site in­cluded soil excavation of hexavalent chromium impacted soil via over drillings using large diameter (2-meter) augers, dechlo­ri­na­tion of VOC impacted areas via groundwater injection of bios­tim­u­lants, instal­la­tion of upgradient zero-valent iron reactive barriers, and in-situ reduction of hexavalent chromium to non-toxic trivalent chromium in some site perimeter areas via injection of a mixture of ferrous sulphate and molasses. This process, fairly common at CDM Smith remediation sites in the USA, is unusual in Japan and presented the best approach to the technical challenges associated with overhead powerlines, nearby housing, and an adjacent public street. A planned second in-situ treatment was not necessary, as CDM Smith supported Bosch in the Purchase and Sale Agreement nego­ti­a­tions for the property and thus reached an agreement with the buyer to assume the residual risk of the immobilized areas.

For three chlorinated hydrocarbon source areas, CDM Smith conducted limited soil excavation in near surface areas and in-situ anaerobic degradation for the remaining source areas.

The former Bosch site Higashimatsuyama 2 site was sold in April 2018 and until 2020 a Shopping mall was constructed and completed by the new owner. The 2-year groundwater monitoring, as requested by Japanese regulatory authorities, was executed in parallel to the construction activities and finalized in March 2021 with no exceedance of any official remediation threshold. In June 2021, the Japanese regulatory authorities removed the site from the official contaminated land cadaster. With the successful completion of the remediation prior to selling the property, CDM Smith generated value added for Bosch, since the selling price exceeded the remediation costs by far. 

We advise Bosch in all environmental matters, drawing on a broad-based expert team with extensive knowledge in soil and groundwater protection leading complex remediation projects to sustainable success.
Craig Franzel, Project Manager
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Did you know?

The Bosch Group is one of the most successful companies in Germany. Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, it now consists of about 450 subsidiaries and regional companies and employs 390,000 people in around 60 countries. 

Bosch shows what it means to take environmental responsibility seriously. Through environmental assesments, the company can react to possible environmental risks.
Guido Ebert
Business Development Manager
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