Future of the Brownfield: Project Development in City Centres

Future of the Brownfield: Project Development in City Centres
by Dr. Thomas Franke Senior Business Development Manager
The demand for additional land used for residential and trans­porta­tion purposes in Germany must be reduced to 30 hectares per day by the year 2030. For this reason, brownfield rede­vel­op­ment must be used more intensively to deal with this demand. Since the Climate Protection Plan of November 2016, the German government has even been striving for a net-zero land consumption target (circular land economy) by 2050, thus taking up a target set by the European Commission. This target was also included in the further developed German Sustainability Strategy in March 2021. To success­fully demolish and revitalise urban areas in city centres, builders, project developers and investors need the right partners.

Urban land development is a complex challenge that involves coordinating financing, user requirements, construction law, sustainability issues, and public relations. Time windows available for land development are steadily diminishing while requirements for settling individual issues grow continuously. Sustainable results require professional project management with the involvement of expert partners.

communities in Germany
estimated stock of unused brownfield sites
new areas designated for urban settlement and trans­porta­tion per day

Managing user require­ments, construc­tion laws and approvals as well as financing options is the project developer’s respon­si­bil­ity. The growing number of complex legal and technical require­ments quickly becomes challenging for builders, developers and investors. 

Safeguarding and enforcing your interests, we accompany you with our expertise as programme manager or expert planner in your construction project.
Dr. Thomas Franke

With the right partner you will quickly achieve your goal. We support you with our planning, design, supervision and management expertise leading your construc­tion project to a success. At the same time, we focus on sus­tain­able, technically mature and economic solutions.

Thomas Franke Thomas Franke
The added value for our customers: We provide everything from a single source.

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