Indus­tri­al­isa­tion has left traces in buildings and underground at many locations. With our integrated planning concepts, we develop these areas efficiently and econom­i­cally. We provide you with a complete range of remediation and rede­vel­op­ment services from one source. Preliminary inves­ti­ga­tions of building fabric and floor secure costs and deadlines during realisation. Careful cost-effective consid­er­a­tions, together with intelligent concepts for waste and soil management, and subsequent use allow for re-estab­lish­ing even long-unde­vel­opped areas – thus protecting our natural environment.
Creating something great in a very short time is a real challenge.
General Contractor Services – Turnkey Construction Sites
As general contractor, CDM Smith provides all services of site preparation without subsoil or environmental risks at a fixed price.
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