Always at the Height of Time

Always at the Height of Time
The founders of CDM, Thomas Camp, Herman Dresser and Jack McKee dedicated their knowledge in the post-war years to promote public health protection and the development of a sustainable infrastructure. In the 1950s, when the automobile trade expanded and the traffic infrastructure developed explosively, the road construction engineer Wilbur Smith founded the company of the same name. In the following decades, both companies grew into globally operating companies through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. In 2011, CDM and Wilbur Smith Associates merged to form CDM Smith. With around 5,000 employees, we are one of the leading companies in our industry today.
75 Jahre CDM Smith 75 Jahre CDM Smith
CDM Smith Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary!
A year-long celebration is planned to honor our legacy and enduring purpose to make life better and the world more resilient.

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CDM Smith has been changing the world for the better since 1947. Join us as we talk to some of the folks who were there from almost the beginning and others who shaped some of the pivotal moments in the firm's history, including the powerhouse addition of Wilbur Smith. This documentary looks at how our founding principles propelled us to where we are today, and how we have shaped the world around us with pioneering innovation that has helped solve some of the greatest challenges facing our built and natural environment. Challenges like the cryptosporidium outbreak in Milwaukee that pushed innovation in water treatment, lifesaving Superfund cleanup of contaminated sites such as Libby, Montana, aligning design and construction with our move to design-build, using data to alert the city of Newark, NJ that they had lead in their drinking water, and more.