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The Future of Water

The water industry needs the brightest minds in the world to solve the biggest problems imaginable. Find out what makes CDM Smith's water professionals passionate about what they do.

Water Partnership

Stories about the people, projects and innovations that are building stronger communities and a more resilient future.
5th Graders Visit Deer Island

CDM Smith teamed up with MWRA to show a group of 5th graders what happens after you flush.

Industry Talk: Inspiration and Mentoring

Gibson Mammen, Abigail Osei-Asamoah, and Rohan Shah talk about their passion for engineering, mentorship, and paying it forward to the next generation.

Industry Talk: Environmental Hot Topics

Wei Liu, Chris Campbell, and Wardah Azhar dig into current envi­ron­men­tal hot topics.

Industry Talk: Supporting Industrial Clients

Ted Wunderlich, Kara Beaudoin and Michaela Bogosh explain their passion for industrial projects and how CDM Smith helps companies find greater effi­cien­cies with design-build.